Honda CR-V Towing Capacity | Tow Package & Features

A Honda CR-V towing capacity would be around 1500 pounds for the upcoming model. As you know, the Honda CR-V is a newly branded luxury vehicle with a lot of versatility. Nowadays, the Honda CR-V is used by so many people. It is all due to its better performance.

When discussing its towing capacity and features, it is important to discuss the Honda CR-V payload capacity. When we talk about Honda CR-V’s towing capacity in kilograms, is 680. This type of vehicle has enough towing capacity. You can tow many things with this Honda CR-V. Here in this blog, we will discuss all the facts and figures about towing capacity of the Honda CR-V.

What Includes In Honda CR-V Towing Package?

Sometimes you don’t get a towing package in your Honda CR-V; in that case, you have to install a towing package in your car. But normally, you always get a towing package in your Honda CR-V. And this towing package contains some apparatus and tools to assemble it. It comes with car spare parts. It includes the following parts.

  • Clip
  • A drawbar
  • Retaining pin
  • Tow hitch of the Honda CR-V
  • Trailer hitch ball of 2 inches

All these include a tow package, which may not cost if available in the car. On the other hand, if you purchase a towing package, you can get it for just $300. That is not costly. However, we recommend you get a car with the equipped towing package if you are a tour lover and need to tow with your car.

Which Things Can Honda CR-V Tow?

Knowing any vehicle’s towing capacity, you know how much a Honda CR-V can tow. But it is also necessary to know the things a Honda CR-V can tow. It is necessary to know the tourist so that they can plan their tours accordingly. Here are some things that can be towed with the Honda CR-V.

  • Small fishing boat
  • ATV
  • Jet ski
  • Small teardrop camper
  • And many more. 

2022 Honda CR-V Engine Specs

No doubt, it always depends upon the engine specs of any car that can make it able to tow different things. Honda CR-V is a versatile SUV, and it is not made for towing purposes but can tow up to 1500 pounds. We will discuss the engine specs of the Honda CR-V.

  • Turbocharged 1.5L engine
  • A 4-cylindrical gasoline engine
  • CVT transmission
  • 190 horsepower
  • 179 lb-ft torque
  • And many more!  

Honda CR-V Payload Capacity 2023

Payload means the maximum load you can put in the cargo area of a car to make it safer for driving. And it is also measured in pounds worldwide. The payload capacity of the Honda CR-V is about 1105 pounds.

Other Features Of Honda CR-V Towing Capability

There are some features necessary to discuss the Honda CR-V towing capacity. These features include.

1. Vehicle stability assists with traction control

It maintains traction.  

2. Brake assist

It will avoid collision when you apply the full brake.

3. Real-time AWD with intelligence control

It makes your car able to provide high-end performance.

4. Hill starts to assist

You can lock your car’s wheel position when changing your foot from brake to gas.

Honda CR-V Towing Capacity By Year

Model Year of Honda CR-VTowing capacity(pounds)
2023 Honda CR-V towing capacity1500
2022 Honda CR-V towing capacity1500
2018 Honda CR-V towing capacity1500
2016 Honda CR-V towing capacity1500
2022 Honda CR-V hybrid towing capacity1500
2020 Honda CR-V hybrid towing capacity1500
2018 Honda CR-V hybrid towing capacity1500


As you may have an idea how much luxury a Honda CR-V. We have fully explained the towing capacity of the Honda CR-V and hybrid. The towing capacity of the Honda CR-V is the same for all variants, including L, LX, E, and EX-L. It has good engine power so that it can tow a caravan. After reading this blog, you can make a better decision about the Honda CR-V, and you may resolve all related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honda CR-V a good car?

Yes, the Honda CR-V is a good car, one of the versatile SUVs.

What is the towing capacity of a Honda CR-V hybrid?

The Honda CR-V hybrid is also in the category of luxury vehicles, and its towing capacity is the same as CR-V.

What does the Honda CR-V towing package cost?

The Honda CR-V towing package cost between $250 and 320. And it is not a costly deal.

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