Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement – Step By Step

Some so many people are aware of the key fob nowadays. You have come to the right place if you want a Honda key fob battery replacement. Back in the day, opening your car door was a manual process. Your car was locked and unlocked by a mechanical key.

Today, we all use key fobs and are probably familiar with them. Where it makes our lives easy. A key fob battery needs to be changed, on the other hand. You don’t need to worry about it because it is a very simple and easy procedure to replace your Honda key fob battery. Here we will guide you step by step.

What Kind Of Battery Contains By the Honda Key Fob?

We hope you are aware of the battery and its working. A battery is used to provide a current, or you can say energy. That current is required to start or initiate something. The same is for a key fob. A key fob requires a smaller current to initiate. Therefore, the battery power of any key fob is around 3 volts. And this 3v battery works very well. That’s why the Honda key fob battery replacement cost is also low.

Complete the Procedure To Replace The Key Fob Battery In Honda

When your Honda keyless remote battery is low, you need to replace the battery of your Honda’s key fob and know proper step-wise guidance. An important thing to note is that the procedure is the same for Honda civic key fob battery replacement, the Honda Crv key fob battery, and the Honda accord key fob battery.

How To Open A Honda Key Fob

When you are going to change the key fob battery there, you should know how to open the key fob. First, you need to press a button to remove your mechanical key. Second, you must put your key knock on the top corner of a key fob. When you gently twist it, the inner side of the key fob will pop up, and then you can replace the battery.

How To Replace The Key Fob Battery Step By Step

Once you have opened a key fob, you can replace the battery by following the steps.

  1. Keep your thumb on the key fob sides.
  2. Pick up the old battery with the help of a scissor.
  3. Then place the new battery the same as the old one.
  4. You need to close back your key fob, and your key fob is now ready to work.

How To Program Your Honda Key_Fob?

When you are done with replacing the key fob battery, you have to program your car’s key fob by following the steps.

  1. Sit into your car with your car’s fob and lock your car.
  2. Move your key to the “on” position and turn it back to the “off” position.
  3. You need to repeat the above process two more times. Repeating the process, your car will turn into total remote programming mode.
  4. Turn your key to the “off” position to exit remote programming mode.

Honda Key_Fob Replacement Cost

This is an important question: what is the cost of replacing the Honda key fob? So many people are confused about it. But the Honda key fob replacement costs from $85 to 150. However, it also depends upon your car’s requirements, which may vary.

Honda Key Fob Is Not Working After The Battery Replacement

If your key fob is not working, you may have missed any step or replaced the battery in the wrong direction. You may check for it, or otherwise, you can visit the Honda customer care center.


People are confused about changing the battery of the Honda key fob. We have discussed everything in this blog. Key fob batteries can now be changed easily in three steps. Always buy a high-quality battery, so you don’t need to change it soon. Hope so you will love the procedure defined by us with our experiments. Just follow them and save your replacement cost.

Frequently Asked Question

What does the Honda accord key fob battery replacement cost?

On average, the price falls between $90-145, but it also depends upon your car variant.

Is the Honda key fob battery replacement near me?

If you are worried about the replacement or don’t want to replace it yourself, then you can visit any Honda service point or dealership.

What is the Honda key fob battery type?

The Honda key fob can work properly with a battery of only 3 volts of power.

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