What’s features does 2022 Kia Optima Interior have?

Kia optima Interior offers beautiful and comfortable materials for those who enjoy driving. Even on a long drive, you’ll enjoy the interior and features of this vehicle. In this price range, the Kia optima are the best option to opt for as a sedan. Sedan lovers can’t miss this car due to its performance.

It has all the amazing and advanced technology features that make a car perfect. In addition, the exterior and Interior are attractive to catch users’ attention. There is enough space in the Interior to carry 5 passengers without any issues. You can add up more options of your own choice to make it more convenient and worthy for you. Modification can help you to make it a supercar. In this blog, we will discuss all Kia optima interiors.

Is Kia Optima A Good Option?

Kia optima is a car in which you get all features on one platform. So how can we deny that it is a good car? Some valuable changes were made to it compared to other variants of Kia, like Sorento SUVs and Sportage. It has a change in its dashboard. A wider touch screen is available to enjoy your streams by connecting with your device.

It has an improved engine to make it fuel efficient to use. More amazingly, its new model is also longer than the previous one, so you will get a larger space than usual. That’s why it is the best-suited car for your family.

All Key Features Of Kia Optima Interior You Need To Know

It is very important to cover up some key features of this Kia optima so that you have enough knowledge to choose it as the best interior car.

Kia Optima Interior Dimensions

When discussing the Interior, it is compulsory to define its dimensions. Dimensions are all about the Interior of any car. Interior dimensions are given as

  • Shoulder room (front/rear): 58 inches / 56.4 inches.
  • Headroom (front/rear): 39.7 inches / 37.8 inches.
  • Legroom (front/rear): 45.5 inches / 35.7 inches.
  • Total interior volume: 120.7 cubic feet.
  • Passenger volume: 104.7 cubic feet.

Kia Optima Interior Accessories

Kia optima have a lot of interior accessories in it. That makes it more luxurious and branded by the Interior. In interior accessories, the following things are included steering wheels, mats, cup holders, car organizers, dash covers, comfortable seats, dash kits, sun shades, etc.

Kia Optima Interior Lights

Kia optima have another super advanced feature with different interior lights. It usually comes in blue and will lighten up your car’s Interior as a whole. From your dashboard to sidebars and seats also. Further, you can change the lights later.

Kia Optima Interior Door Handle Replacement

There is another option to replace the door handle of the Kia optima. If you don’t like its original door handle or it was broken. You can easily replace the handle of the door. There are many choices available for you to choose in this regard.

Kia optima colors

Kia optima have a wide range of exterior colors. Here I would like to list these colors.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Custom
  4. Horizon Blue
  5. Cool
  6. Metal Bronze
  7. Grey
  8. Gold
  9. Sangria
  10. Platinum graphite
Kia Optima Interior

Kia Optima Interior 2022

2022 is the latest model launched by Kia optima. You can change the Interior of any car to your own choice by modification process. However, the Kia Optima comes in two colors for the Interior. One has a black interior, and the other is the gorgeous Kia optima red interior.

Kia Optima Price

Kia optima price is in the range of $24890 to $27300. If we talk about PKR, it would be about 80lac on average. you can buy Kia optima from Carmax.


In many ways, the Kia optima are the best family car. Even for a long drive, you will not suffer discomfort. Many users have reported a problem with engine manufacturing and bearings that may cause serious seizing and accidents. We hope Kia will try to recover from this issue and that the upcoming model will be improved.

Apart from this, the Kia optima is an excellent car with all the necessary features. The Interior and exterior are great. Overall it is a good option to opt for as a sedan. It contains better control with quicker response.


What are the main problems with Kia Optima?

There are some engine manufacturing issues with the Kia optima. There is an issue of weak bearing that can cause a serious accident due to seizing.

Is Optima better than the Sonata?

It depends upon your priorities as both cars are very comfortable. Kia optima car handles better, and Sonata provides a smoother ride.

Is the Kia Optima a good car?

Yes, it is a good car with advanced features, better handling, and quicker steering response.

Which is bigger, the K5 or the Optima?

Yes, k5 is bigger, wider, and longer than optima.

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