Mini Hummer | Features Of Mev Hummer Hx

Nowadays, mini hummer are becoming the top choice for car lovers as technology helps the world to become more diverse and compact. Modernity is influencing our choices differently. As we have noticed, we need products that require less space and lower investment.

That’s why mini hummers and mini hummer HX have become popular vehicles. More amazingly, this mini car has all the features of modern and advanced technology vehicles available in the market. There is tough competition in the market. People are trying to overcome the issues of fuel expenses due to higher inflation. We will try to explain all things about this mini hummer in this blog.

A Brief Overview Of Mini Hummer

When there was no concept of a mini hummer coming into the market, the manufacturer of the hummer was named AM general. This brand first decided in the late 1980s to deliver its civilian vehicle model. They brought out some revolution like other competitors in the market.

In 1999, they sold their brand name to general motors sometime later. There was a time when people were likely to drive classic series of cars, but today the time has gone away. Now people are smarter than in the past, and they used to act smart in their lifestyle. General motors started the production of a hummer in 2006 and launched the first hummer, the h1. After that, h2 and h3, respectively.

This brought up an evolution in the vehicle industry, and general motors delivered the responsibility of production of mini hummer and hummer electric cars to MEV (my electric vehicle). And now mev is making mini hummer, mini hummer ross, mini hummer hx, etc.

Features Of Mev Hummer Hx

This article will discuss some key features of this beautiful MEV Hummer HX vehicle. We are sure you will love to buy this car after knowing its features. Knowing all the features of any car before you see a signboard or social media campaign with words like mev hummer for sale or mini hummer for sale. We recommend you know the features first, then go for purchase.

Two Mini Hummer at beautiful scene


Mostly the dimension of cars does not matter a lot, but the dimension of this mev hummer is given as 118 Γ— 58 Γ— 57 inches.

Wheel Size

If we talk about the size of the wheel, then it is enough to provide a smoother ride. There are more shock absorbers to provide a better ride. The wheel diameter is 84 inches. These are 15 inches alloy wheels.

Seating Capacity

As it is shown by name, it is a mini car, and the seating capacity would definitely be accordingly. The seating capacity is two persons.

Electric Parts Are LED Based

The dashboard is established with a digital display including distance, speed, temperature, time, and lights on all sides, including front and back.

Eco-friendly Car

It is an excellent feature that it is an eco-friendly car that needs time due to increasing pollution.

Mini Hummer on Road
Mini Hummer on Road

Some other key features of the Mini Hummer

This car has some excellent features compared to the others, as there are branded sill plates. Further, you will get heated seats, an adjustable steering column, a hand brake, drink holders, and a great space to keep your luxuries, a lockable glove box. Seat belts, 5m charging cable, adjustable suspension for all corners, trunk storage, a front disc brake, and many more.

Mini Hummer Prices

mev hummer hx prices: start from $19000.

Mini hummer price: starting from $5500


A mini hummer or mev hummer is the best car for you if you also seek a small car with all the necessary features according to modern technology as we know that it has all the advanced features that should be contained by a car. You will love to ride this car due to its great look and low fuel consumption. By paying some more amount, you can get rid of fuel usage by purchasing an electric hummer for you. Overall, we found this an amazing car.


Hummers are coming back, aren’t they?

Yes, it was discontinued in 2010, but now hummer is returning for 2022.

Is there a small Hummer available?

As hummers come in different variants, if we talk about the smallest hummer, it is this brand’s h3 and h3t models.

What is the price of a mini Hummer?

There are so many variations in a hummer that it also starts from $5500 and $15000. So it is based on models.

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