How Much Does a Toyota Corolla Weight? | Model Wise Chart

Approximately 2900 to 3100 pounds is the weight of a Toyota Corolla. There is an average weight for Toyota Corollas. However, it varies based on the model. Depending on the model, some may differ from this range, and some may fall below it. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact value for a general query, but we can calculate it for each model.

Toyota Corolla is a Japanese brand that has been around for many decades. Due to its luxury and classic cars, we believe that Toyota would be used by a large number of people around the world. More than half of the Toyota brand’s users are in the subcontinent. There are so many factors depending on different parameters. People love to buy a Toyota_Corolla with a heavier weight.

Toyota Corolla Weight Depending On Variants

As we have already discussed, there is a huge difference in the weight of the Toyota corolla depending on the different variants. It is due to the difference in the specifications from model to model. Some things may be added to a new model, or others may be excluded from the upcoming model. That’s why this difference is present. Here we will discuss the weight for different latest variants.

  • Toyota Corolla hybrid LE 2022 model weight is 3040 pounds or 1380 kg.
  • Toyota Corolla SE 2022 model weight is 2830lbs or 1285 kg.
  • Toyota Corolla XLE 2022 model weight is 3030lbs or 1375 kg.
  • Toyota Corolla XSE 2022 model weight is 3055 pounds or 1387 kg.
  • Toyota_Corolla L 2022 model weight is 2833lbs or 1285 kg.
  • Toyota Corolla SE (CVT) 2022 model weight is 1410 kg.
  • Toyota Corolla MT 2022 model weight is 1386 kg.
Toyota Corolla Weight

How much does a Toyota Corolla weigh by trim level?

Depending on the trim level chosen, the 2020 Toyota Corolla has a different weight. With an automatic transmission, the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE weighs 2850 pounds. With a manual transmission, the 2020 Toyota Corolla SE weighs 3055 pounds. Additionally, the 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE has an automatic transmission and weighs 3045 pounds.

  • L – 2910 lbs
  • LE – 2955 lbs
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE – 2850 lbs
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla SE CVT – 3110 lbs
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla (MT) – 3055 lbs
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE – 3045 lbs
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE – 3150 lbs

Toyota Corolla Weight Chart Model Year Wise

YearBody TypeTransmissionFuel TypePowerWeight
2000HatchbackManualPetrol96hp1060 kg
2000SedanManualpetrol110 hp1028 kg
2001HatchbackManualPetrol96   hp1055 kg
2001SedanManualDiesel89   hp1067 kg
2002HatchbackManualPetrol97   hp1020 kg
2003SedanManualPetrol97   hp1010 kg
2003HatchbackManualPetrol96   hp1125 kg
2004HatchbackManualPetrol97   hp1130 kg
2004SedanManualPetrol96   hp1125 kg
2005HatchbackManualPetrol97   hp1130 kg
2005SedanManualPetrol97   hp1115 kg
2006HatchbackManualPetrol218 hp1210 kg
2007SedanManualPetrol122 hp1215 kg
2008SedanManualPetrol109 hp1240 kg
2009SedanManualPetrol101 hp1200 kg
2010SedanManualPetrol132 hp1225 kg
2011SedanManualPetrol132 hp1260 kg
2015SedanManualPetrol132 hp1285 kg
2017SedanManualPetrol132 hp1285 kg
2019HatchbackManualPetrol118 hp1270 kg
2020SedanManualPetrol132 hp1285 kg
2021HatchbackManualPetrol168 hp1385 kg
2021SedanManualPetrol139 hp1285 kg


If you aren’t a Toyota Corolla user, we recommend you become one. The vehicle is based on Japanese technology and is sold in several countries worldwide. If we talk about Pakistan, it is the selling car in Pakistan due to its affordable price, better road grip, excellent mileage, and suitability for all types of roads.

And the weight of the Toyota Corolla depends on the variations from model to model. Some models are lightweight. On the other hand, some models are heavier. A car should be heavier enough to make a better road grip.


What is the Toyota Corolla’s weight in tons?

Normally we measure the weight in kg or pounds, but a car’s weight in tons is always in the range of 1.2 to 2.3 tons.

How heavy is a Toyota Corolla in KG?

Weight of anything normally measured in pounds and lbs. However, we can convert these figures into the required ones. The Toyota corolla’s weight in kg is about 1280kg to 1450 kg.

What does the Toyota Corolla 2020 weigh in kg?

The weight of a Toyota corolla 2020 in kg is about 1285 kg.

What is the Toyota Corolla’s weight capacity?

As we know, the Toyota Corolla is a best-selling car worldwide due to its affordable price and its suitability for all types of roads. We can put a weight of 1500 pounds in a corolla.

What does the Toyota Corolla 2007 weigh in kg?

The weight of a Toyota Corolla 2007 in kg is about 1215 kg.

What does the Toyota Corolla 2010 weigh in pounds?

The Toyota Corolla 2010 weighs 2550 pounds.

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