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Believe it or not, I have also had that thinking! The average Smart car weight about 1,550 pounds, so don’t worry. The heaviest vehicle weighs 2,998 pounds, although the exact weights vary based on the year and model of the vehicle. That is undoubtedly substantial enough to remain on the ground.
Smart automobiles are tougher than they appear to be. They have been receiving excellent safety marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since 2018. A Sensible car is a really smart choice due to its poor gas mileage and even lower cost of auto insurance! (We enjoy puns.)

Evolution Of Smart Car

Some people aren’t aware of the smart car concept. If we see it by definition, a smart car is a car of relatively small size to normal cars, having the ability to adjust everything very concisely from fuel consumption to the variations of emerging technology. That’s why it is known as a smart car.

When we talk about the evolution of the smart car then you will come to know that the first series was from 1998 to 2007 and it was the first generation named as w450. The second generation w451 comes after that later from 2007 to 2014 and 3rd generation from 2014 and onwards.

There are so many other qualities in a smart car. When it was brought up in the market, many people refused to buy it as people were thinking that due to its smaller size it would not be secure to use. For all that, it was a wrong thought.

After that, some people blame it due to fuel mileage. There was an issue with fuel consumption but later it was recovered. If we list the models having more fuel consumption then here are some including the smart car 2008 and smart car 2009. Now there is no issue of fuel consumption even though there are so many electric smart cars.

Things You Need to Know About Smart Car

Some major things are compulsory for you to know. If you don’t have complete knowledge of some of these facts then you will not be able to know a smart car. So let’s start exposing some important facts.

smart car weight
Smart Car

What Exactly is Smart Car Size And Weigh?

Here we will discuss the size of a smart car. There is a variation present in the sizes of cars. In these situations, we normally took an average that can be used for exact facts and figures. According to our research, the size of a smart car is given as.


  • Length: 106 inches
  • Width: 65 inches
  • Height: 60 inches.

The same is the weight of the smart car. For this purpose, we also can’t take an exact and definite value due to variation from model to model. As we know that smart cars have a weight of about 700 kg, 880 kg and it is up to 1300kg when we talk about electric smart car weight. When we are talking about the weight of a smart car then we will surely consider the weight of this car from model to model. So here are some of these.

  • 1998 smart car weight: 805 kg.
  • 2007 smart car weight: 750 kg.
  • 2008 smart_car weight:  820 kg.
  • Smart car weight 2009: 825 kg.
  • 2010 smart car weight: 840 kg.
  • 2014 smart car weight: 950 kg.


Horsepower is a very important parameter to know about any car model. Smart car horsepower is 89 and which is enough for better performance.

Smart Car mpg

Smart city and highway gasoline vehicles receive EPA ratings of 34 and 38 miles per gallon, respectively. These automobiles’ electric equivalents have a city fuel economy of 122 miles per gallon and a highway fuel economy of 93 miles per gallon.
Although it may not save as much fuel as other tiny cars, it is still a dependable option.

Smart Car Price

If we talk about the price in PKR then it is from 1350000 to 2400000.


If we conclude our whole conversation in a few words then we can say that a smart car is a great option for you. Because it can save you money by saving fuel consumption. Nowadays it is a great option to opt for. As today a smart car is more convenient, attractive, compact, secure, and worthy to buy than compared to the past.


How much does a Smart car weigh?

As we discussed in the above lines in detail, on average the smart car’s weight is 1550lbs.

Why do smart cars weigh so much?

The weight of a smart car varies from 1500lbs to 2500lbs depending on the material used in it. We think the main reason for the weight is the battery.

What is the lightest Smart car?

Maybe the smart For Two is not a good option but it falls on the list of the world’s lightest cars. Its approximate weight is 1600lbs.

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