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Toyota Agya 2022 will become the selling car in the region as it has a very low fuel consumption. We all know that today fuel prices are touching the sky everywhere in the world. Most people wanted to get rid of costly vehicles due to more expenses of maintenance and fuel etc. This is an imported car from japan, and probably there is a great number of people who love Japanese vehicles.

Today the whole world has become a global village, and everything is more compact. People like to use quality vehicles rather than using luxury vehicles. Luxury cars are just for the use of officials. We will discuss all the specifications and functions of this beautiful and comfy car. Let’s start exploring the important features of this Toyota agya.

Historical Information About Toyota Agya

As is shown by its name, the main manufacturer of the Toyota Agya is Toyota motors international. This city car was designed by Daihatsu, the designer, and a subsidiary of Toyota motors company. It was designed in Indonesia by Daihatsu. First of all, the design and idea of Agya were proposed in 2012.

Later, the work started on this project after proper official approval from the Indonesian government. Agya and all work on the same basis because many things are common. In January 2013, it was announced that the company would launch its first Agya series car. That first Agya was launched in the second week of September 2013. In 2014 it was considered wigo also.

Toyota Agya 2022 Specs And Features

All the features that you look for in other models of cars here, you will also get the same features in the Toyota agya specs section.

toyota agya


The exterior is the first thing that you see in anything. If it is eye catchy, then you will be interested in the different specs of that product and vice versa. So this agya has a beautiful, attractive exterior with new design backlights having advanced technical indicators. The setting of headlights with the front grill makes it more impressive. Overall posture of the car will make you love it.


Some people are likely to love to see the car’s interior instead of the exterior; however, we think that you can design the interior according to your choice. So it would help if you kept in mind that the car’s exterior and interior must be clean and free from damage. In agya, you will find the interior more attractive and comfier than the exterior, with charging pots and everything you want.


The NEW Toyota AGYA is a cutting-edge car with a sporty, assertive, and distinctive appearance. Wherever you go, this car can showcase your personal style! Fuel efficiency, powerful driving, safety, pleasure, and a lot of wonderful experiences are all guaranteed!


When we talk about the engine of the Toyota agya gr, there is a 998 cc petrol engine available in this car. More amazingly, it has a horsepower of 87.


 Most cars have a manual transmission function. It also has a manual petrol transmission on it. Nowadays, changing and modifying the cars to your choice is very common so that you can make changes accordingly.


To enhance safety while traveling, the car’s center of gravity is perfect, and the wheels don’t have so much grip on the road compared to other models, but it is very fine. It has driver and passenger airbags, and side airbags are missing.

Different Models Of Toyota Agya

If we talk about the variations in the models of this Toyota agya, then there are the following models in it.

Toyota Agya 2022 Price

The price of Toyota_Agya starts from R192300, and it ranges from R192000 to R241500.

Complete Video Review Of Toyota Agya 2022


To sum up, the whole discussion, we can say that the Toyota Agya 2022 is an excellent car because you will get so many things in this single car.

This car’s most special feature or quality is the space for 5 persons in it with a great fuel average. That’s why it is very famous in South Africa. The African community loves this car. Beyond this thing, overall, it is a great car to buy. You will love it.


Where is Toyota Agya made?

The production and assembly of Toyota Agya were started in Indonesia. Still, it has been made in Indonesia.

Is Toyota Agya 2022 a good car?

No doubt we can say that it is a good car. From every perspective, it has excellent qualities and is worth buying.

Is Toyota agya fuel efficient?

If we talk about the fuel efficiency of Toyota_agya, you will love it as it has a great fuel average with a range of 19 km/h to 24 km/h, depending on your journey.

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