2022 Toyota Army green 4runner TRD PRO 4WD

Hence army green 4runner is a very luxurious invention from Toyota motors. This one is best for those who love to ride it everywhere. It does not matter if he is driving it on or off-road. You will get excellent performance on all types of terrain. This vehicle’s gorgeous color will make it over and above the others.

This two-wheel vehicle has enough road clearance to give you all types of rides very smoothly. It comes with enhanced security and safety features. Shortly you will fall in love with this vehicle. Army green 4runner is best suited to adventurous people. Here in this blog, we will discuss variants, features, prices, and everything else.

Army Green 4Runner Limited

Its army green 4runners limited variant is also tremendous and is one of the best-selling. You will be amazed if we talk about the key features of army green 4runner limited. Finally, here we are going to discuss its salient features.

There are following key features are included in army 4runner limited:

  1. LED lights
  2. 20-inch alloy wheels
  3. Having V6 engine
  4. Apple car play
  5. 8-inches touch screen
  6. Sunroof
  7. Leather seats
  8. Better Toyota sensor
  9. 270 horsepower
  10. Attractive front grill
  11. Better exterior
  12. Improved mileage

A new thing is added in the new variant: an army green 4runner bronze wheel, giving it a more fantastic look. You can also get your 4runner from the army 4runner forum.

Army Green 4runner Trd Pro

Army green 4runner TRD pro is also one of its best-selling variants of it. New models always come with better improvements. It also has some improvements in it. These are given below:

  1. Better control buttons
  2. Lights are improved
  3. High-resolution screen
  4. Led lights
  5. Having better storage
  6. Improved cruise control
  7. Lane-keeping assists with sway warnings
  8. Apple car play
  9. Android Auto
  10. Smart key buttons
  11. Cup or glass holder with better grip
army green 4runner
Army_Green 4runner

4runner Army Green 2022

When it comes to what new features are added, we will cover up so many new extended features to enhance the security and performance simultaneously. These key features of 4runner army green 2022 are given below:

  1. 18 inches alloy wheel
  2. 9 inches of ground clearance
  3. Adaptive cruise control
  4. Engine with 270 horsepower
  5. Engine with 278 Ft torque

Further, it comes with three cameras:

  1. Front Camera
  2. Parking camera
  3. Driver and passenger camera
  4. Its body and frame are perfect for all roads
  5. Crosslink relative absorption system
  6. Auto lock/unlock front doors
  7. The back mirror can be controlled from the dashboard
  8. Very comfortable seats having pockets
  9. USB ports
  10. Better control button to remove the ice from mirrors if you used to live in tropical regions
  11. LED lights
  12. One color interior

And next many more you will get in the new 4runner army green 2022.

Army Green 4runner For Sale

Since we are talking about 4runner, it is compulsory to inform you about the prices of different variants after describing their features. Let’s start here.

  • 2022 army green 4runner for Sale: $45600
  • Army_green 4runner TRD PRO for Sale: $54150 to $69000
  • Army 4runner limited for Sale: $50000 average
  • Army_green 4runner TRD sport for sale 2023: $47000 average


We have found the 4runner the best performer off-road and on-road. Further, you can look for your observations if you are capable of doing this. It comes with extraordinary features with a better road grip on all types of terrain. Henceforth this is an adventurous vehicle.

Additionally, we have seen a lot of improvements in the upcoming model from 4runners. It has a better engine capacity, better road grip, and adaptive cruise control with advanced functions. Overall we can say it is a completely packaged vehicle. If you are looking for it, then you have to go to order it from Toyota. Wish you the best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which 4runners come in army green?

The following 4runners come in army green, TRD sport, army green limited, the trail edition, and TRD offroad. All of these are army green having excellent performance.

What is the most popular 4Runner color?

It comes in various colors, but when we talk about the most famous color of 4runner, there are two colors most famous based on votes. These are super white and metallic grey.

Will the 2023 4Runner be redesigned?

If you want to know about the 2023 design, the answer is no, as it is not redesigned.

Can I get TRD Pro with army green?

Yes, you can get your TRD pro in army green, which is gorgeous.

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