Crew Cab Truck – Complete Details

Crew Cab is one of the sizes offered in pickups that can carry the highest number of passengers out of all pickups. There are different types of pickups being offered to the customers, so they can buy one according to what suits them the best. In this article, we will be covering all the features of these different types of pickups. In addition to what different types of cabs, we will tell you about what crew cab trucks are available for sale, do crew cabs have 4 doors or 2 doors, and everything else that you need to know about different categories of cabs.

What Is Crew Cab?

You can also guess what a crew cab is from its name, as it suggests to us that it is for the β€˜crew. This means that the crew cab allows more persons to be accommodated than any other cab. So, this cab is perfect to use if you want to travel around on both short and long trips with your family and friends.

It is comfortable and provides spacious space and legroom for the passengers. There are four doors available in the crew cab, so everyone can get in quite comfortably without having to fold the seats. Along with the bigger size, it also comes with a powerful engine which means that you can cruise around as well with a crew cab. This cab is also named differently by different companies like Super Crew by Ford and Crew Max by Toyota Tundra. Quad Cap can fall under the same category, but it has more cargo space and the same passenger space as a crew cab.

Comparison Of Different Crew Cab Trucks

Crew Cab Vs Regular Cab

In this section, we will be covering what is a regular cab and what are its key features. Regular Cab is one of the oldest pickups that are useful at workplaces mostly. In a regular, cab there are only two seats available in the front which means that the space is quite limited and only one or a maximum of two persons can sit other than a driver. A regular cab is not something that can be useful for traveling purposes along with your family and friends. It does not offer features like a crew cab since it has professional uses mostly like it comes with manual doors and windows. Since there are front seats available only, it comes with two doors only. Companies that manufacture regular cabs are Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and Ram.

Extended Cab Vs Double Cab

As one can guess from its name, an extended cab is an extension of the regular cab that comes with an extra small seat at the back along with a front seat same as the regular cab. You can now guess a bit what an extended cab is. Now, we will be discussing its features in detail. Some extended cabs come with doors at the back as well, but some have only 2 front doors.

The doors at the back are small than the front ones and operate in opposite directions, so it is easy to operate them. In case of no doors at the back, one can roll the front seats to get to the back seats of the cab. Some companies offer conventional doors at the back while others also offer clamshell-style doors. Since the back seat is small, so it is suitable for children only, or for adults when the journey is not too long. This is because there is not enough legroom to make the journey passengers comfortable.

Double Cab is however a little different, as it offers two rows of seats and four doors, but they are smaller in size. Since double cab resembles extended cab, so they mostly fall in the same category. Different companies named this cab differently, like double cab by Chevrolet and GMC, super cab by Ford, King Cab by Nissan, Quad Cab by Ram, and finally Access Cab by Toyota.

Regular Cab vs Extended Cab vs Double Trucks
Regular Cab vs Extended Cab vs Double Trucks

How to Pick the Right Cab When Shopping For a New Truck?

In this part of the article, we will be guiding you whether which cab you should buy according to your needs. There are several factors that one must consider before buying a cab like how many passengers will travel on this cab, or whether you are buying it for domestic or work purpose. You will get the answer to your questions like crew cab vs regular cab vs extended cab vs super cab vs quad cab, and crew cab vs king cab. So, here is a comparison of different types of cabs to help you decide which cab to buy.

A regular cab can only work if you are to carry one or a maximum of two passengers only and especially if you want to use it for work. On the other hand, you can buy an extended cab if you want both a seat at the back and a long cargo bed while your budget range also does not allow you to buy a heavy-duty crew cab. This is because light-duty crew-cab does not offer a long cargo bed.

If you want to take your family for outing purposes to different places, or if you do not want to use it for work-related tasks and require extra features for a comfortable ride, then a crew cab is a good option. You can choose a quad cab, as it offers more cargo space and has the same passenger space as compared to the crew cab. Efficiency is better than crew cab while the price is less, so it can be a good choice if you want to save money and want a good enough space for your family and friends as well.

Is a Regular Cab Truck Right For Me?

If you’re considering purchasing a truck, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether a regular cab truck is the right choice for you. Regular cab trucks typically have a single row of seating and a smaller interior space compared to extended or crew cab models. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding if a regular cab truck suits your needs:

  1. Seating capacity: Regular cab trucks are designed to seat two or three people comfortably. If you rarely have passengers or only need space for one or two individuals, a regular cab truck may be sufficient. However, if you frequently travel with family or friends and require additional seating, you may want to consider an extended or crew cab truck.
  2. Cargo space: Regular cab trucks generally have a shorter bed length compared to larger cab configurations. If you primarily use your truck for hauling equipment, tools, or other items, and you don’t require an extensive cargo area, a regular cab truck could be suitable. On the other hand, if you often transport larger items or need more versatility in carrying cargo, a longer bed provided by an extended or crew cab truck might be more practical.
  3. Maneuverability: Regular cab trucks have a shorter wheelbase, making them more agile and easier to navigate in tight spaces. If you frequently drive in urban areas, crowded parking lots, or need to maneuver through narrow roads, a regular cab truck’s compact size can be advantageous.
  4. Budget: Regular cab trucks are generally less expensive than their extended or crew cab counterparts. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t require additional seating or cargo space, opting for a regular cab can be a cost-effective choice.

Ultimately, the decision of whether a regular cab truck is right for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider your typical usage, the number of passengers you usually carry, the amount of cargo you transport, and your budgetary constraints. By evaluating these factors, you can determine if a regular cab truck provides the functionality and value you require.

How to Tell If a Pickup Is An Extended Cab?

To determine if a pickup truck is an extended cab model, there are a few key features to look for:

  1. Rear seating: Extended cab trucks have a second row of seating behind the front row. Unlike regular cab trucks, which only have a single row of seating, extended cab trucks provide additional space for passengers. Look for a set of smaller, rear-hinged doors on either side of the truck that grant access to the second row.
  2. Interior space: When you enter the truck, extended cab models typically have a noticeable increase in interior space compared to regular cab trucks. The rear seating area may be smaller and offer less legroom than crew cab trucks, but it should still provide enough space for passengers or additional storage.
  3. Bed length: Extended cab trucks often have a bed length similar to regular cab trucks, as the added space for the extended cab comes at the expense of a shorter cargo bed. However, bed lengths can vary, so it’s essential to check the specifications of the specific truck you are inspecting.
  4. Design cues: Extended cab trucks may also exhibit visual cues that distinguish them from regular cab models. For example, some manufacturers use unique badges or styling elements to indicate the extended cab configuration. These design cues can be found on the exterior of the truck, such as on the rear pillars or doors.

By examining these features, you can determine if a pickup truck is an extended cab model. Remember to consider the number of seating rows, interior space, bed length, and any visual indicators provided by the manufacturer. Identifying the cab configuration is crucial in ensuring the truck meets your requirements for passenger capacity and cargo hauling capabilities.

Is a Crew Cab Right For Me?

If you’re contemplating whether a crew cab truck is the right choice for you, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Passenger capacity: Crew cab trucks are designed to accommodate more passengers than regular or extended cab models. They typically feature a full second row of seating with additional legroom and comfort. If you frequently transport family members, friends, or coworkers and require ample passenger space, a crew cab truck is ideal. It offers the convenience of a spacious interior, allowing everyone to ride comfortably.
  2. Cargo versatility: While crew cab trucks prioritize passenger space, they still provide a decent amount of cargo versatility. The rear seats can often be folded or adjusted to create more storage area when needed. This flexibility is beneficial if you require a balance between passenger seating and cargo-carrying capacity. However, if you regularly haul large or bulky items that require an expansive cargo bed, a crew cab truck’s bed length may be shorter compared to regular or extended cab models.
  3. Interior amenities: Crew cab trucks tend to offer a wide range of interior amenities and features. They often come equipped with advanced technology, premium materials, and additional comfort options to enhance the driving experience. If you prioritize a luxurious or well-appointed interior, a crew cab truck can provide the amenities you desire.
  4. Size and maneuverability: It’s important to consider the size and maneuverability of a crew cab truck. These trucks generally have a longer wheelbase and overall length compared to regular or extended cab models. While this provides more passenger and cargo space, it can also make parking and navigating in tight spaces more challenging. If you frequently drive in urban areas with limited parking or encounter narrow roads, you may find a crew cab truck less maneuverable than its smaller counterparts.
  5. Budget: Crew cab trucks often come at a higher price point than regular or extended cab models due to their added features and passenger capacity. It’s essential to consider your budget and weigh the value of the extra seating and amenities against the cost.

By evaluating your passenger requirements, cargo versatility needs, desired interior features, maneuverability preferences, and budget constraints, you can determine if a crew cab truck suits your lifestyle. Assessing these factors will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the truck you choose aligns with your specific needs and priorities.

Crew Cabs or Other Trucks

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  • Chevy Silverado Double Cab
  • Chevy Silverado Regular Cab
  • Chevy Colorado Extended Cab
  • Chevy Colorado Crew Cab
  • Ford Crew Cab F-150
  • Ram Crew Cab Express Hemi


Before purchasing a pickup truck, whether new or secondhand, it is critical to understand which cab style is ideal for you. First, decide how you’re going to use it. The ideal work truck for carrying and payload will have a standard or extended cab. However, a crew cab’s daily usability is unmatched if it’s going to be a family or lifestyle car.

However, the abundance of pickups in the US makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.


What is a crew cab?

A crew Cab is basically a truck that can carry a β€˜crew’ which means more than two or three people can travel.

What is a crew cab vs a regular cab?

A crew cab can carry more than two or three people due to its back seat. On the other hand, a regular does not have any backseat and can only carry a maximum of two passengers.

What is a crew cab vs a Double cab?

The only difference between them is that the Double cab is smaller and lighter than the crew cab.

Is a crew cab a 4-door?

Yes, the crew cab is 4 door truck.

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